New blog, again

Yeah, I complain a lot about the fact I don't write on my blog. I moved it again, this time on Ghost, after I found out I had free web hosting and it could run Node.js apps on it, so let's try this. It was a bitch to install, though, as if Murphy's law was playing against me. If it has a chance to fail, then it will fail. It took like 3 days, but I hope it's worth it. Of course WordPress is a huge power house I don't want to mess with anymore, and Write Freely is less of a power house than I thought it would be (I believed a lot in the Fediverse back then, and now the Mastodon instance I host broke), I found out about Ghost which is in Node.js, so yeah, hope it's going to be fast and simple. I moved all content to the new blog, and I'll probably copy content from other sites on here as well, I blogged a bit on Patreon and this year, gonna repost those here as well.

Anyway. Expect new content soon. I'm now developing Zarmina as a visual novel, I'll try to post some devlogs here, that or random doodles I made with Processing or something.

Oh, also new domain that has my name in it, cause why not, it looks professionnal. Not that I don't like, that's a good domain, but, eh, I dunno. Might go back to it. Anyway. Welcome to Juju's Stupid Random Crap v3 and have some fun.

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