Hi, I'm J. P. Savard. (Obviously a pen name. Or is it?) Also known as Juju or Yuki.

I'm just a random freelance programmer from Québec City, Canada. I write things sometimes. It feels good.

Here you will find random musings about life, development logs, code experiments, educational content, or anything I deem worth to put on this silly blog. Might write in French sometimes, if you don't understand, it might not concern you, look somewhere else.

None of my thoughts represent the opinion of my employers, clients, anyone I might know or even myself from next week. They often agree with me, but take nothing for granted.

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my stuff

Zarmina – My sci-fi fiction stuff.
MLP Québec – My other blog about fandoms.
CodeWalrus – A nice community of programmers. We have walruses.
julosoft – Games I did, back when I was trying.

me and my stuff, elsewhere

GitHub – Source code I wrote for random stuff.
YouTube – Random videos I put together when I'm bored.
YouTube – Animated stuff and other videos I actually give some of myself into.
Vimeo – Short films I did at school.
deviantArt – Things I draw and characters I design.
SoundCloud – Some music I do when I'm bored.
Patreon – Send me some money!

best ways to contact me

Discord: CodeWalrus
Twitter: @juju2143
Mastodon: @Yuki@im-in.space
Email: juju at juju2143 dot ca