toasters rocks

Toasters Rocks: The Reboot

~1 minute

Yeah, let’s try this out, cause why not. It used to be Tumblr (which you can still follow here), but I recently switched to Write Freely, just to see how nicer it is. And looks like it works so far.

A while ago I realized I followed way too much people and it distracts me a lot from writing long texts, that and there was way too much NSFW to go there at school, so I kinda stopped going there. And I’ve been meaning to create a self-hosted blog in its stead for a long while, I wanted something real simple, so when I saw this, I was like, yeah why not, looks like the thing I wanted, easy to customize, not a ton of Javascript and PHP that comes with it, and as a bonus you can follow this blog on the Fediverse, gonna try this.

So there you go. First blog post and I hope to write more on random things.

Edit: I’m reposting my best blog posts from elsewhere here for completeness. Have fun.

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