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Those Create Your Taste Booths at McDonald’s

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This article was originally published on Tumblr, reposting it here for completeness.

You know what? I love those. They recently added some of them at the one in my town, pretty popular place after the summer festival taking place in Québec City each summer (we had the Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight, and tomorrow we’ll have Rammstein, so it’s pretty big). So yeah, after those shows the place is pretty crowded and no employee is getting a rest. So, since they added those booths, I do feel it’s helping them. I feel it’s helping the customers as well. You tap what you want, you pay there with your card or iPhone or whatever, you get a number, and you wait for your number. That’s it. Before (and guess you still can go that way), you had to yell at the cashier what you want, after checking the menu above them if there’s something interesting (and nowadays it’s TV screens so they put ads once every few seconds covering the whole menu it’s weird), and worse, if you’re a picky eater like me (shame on me I guess) you have to tell the cashier a list of condiments you don’t like (no pickles, no onion, etc.) and you’re never sure which condiments they put in what and they’ll forget to remove them half of the time it’s awkward and/or basically hell so I just ended up ordering chicken McNuggets all the time… And you don’t have a number so you just wait in a line your your order, not really a good thing if there’s a lot of people. But with the booths they tell you outright what you want in your sandwich plus whether you want like, 10 patties in your burger and numerous other options I should try someday. This opens up a ton of burger possibilities. And you get a number you wait for, so they can give the orders out in the order they want and process a lot at the same time pretty seamlessly, nothing that lines up endlessly, it’s pretty cool. Plus they can remove half of the cash registers (there’s still some for those who want to pay cash or order manually) without much hassle. 10/10 best move by McDo’s ever.

Anyway, I should write more rants like this on my blog that I hardly use anymore (Tumblr is beginning to get cancerous, guess I needed to get out of this for a while). And this one is not sponsored by McDonald’s Canada (although if you want to offer me this gold free meals forever card like Jérémy Demay got the other day I’d gladly accept lol). Join me tomorrow on another rant on SaGGeek, or how to get invited as a guest at a convention and cancel at the last minute. Not writing it now because I wonder if there will be more things to write about in the aftermath tomorrow (the con was today), but that was kinda sad. I’ll also have some project updates going soon, for those interested.

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