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Miyuki 2019

~2 minutes

Now this is a lot closer to the style I’m shooting for on Zarmina, which is now going to be a visual novel made in an actual visual novel engine, if you don’t know already. I love how it turned out: Minty Root suggested to make the lines thicker (that gives it a nice style), no shading (I think that adds to it), she now have a bow (although she isn’t gonna wear it until later in the story), the jewel is a bit more detailed (it’s a bitch to draw lol), her skirt is a bit shorter, boobs are a bit more, um, detailed (we’re shooting anime style after all!) and her face is 20% cuter.

I hope to make the other characters in the beginning of 2020, Daisuke is definitely going to improve, then write the script and have a working game for, I dunno, eventually.

Anyway, I love how I’m improving art-wise since the last few years, I feel I’m finally closer to the point I can do both art and programming and it’ll look at least half-good. I procrastinated quite a bit because of that, that feel I’m not super good at art (that and it took a while to make my good ol' computer cooperate). But eh, it’s going to take the time it’s going to take, even if it’s gonna be released by 2030.

So yeah, stay tuned and happy new year 2020!

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