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DevLog #1: Making the trailer

~2 minutes

This article was originally published on Patreon, reposting it here for completeness.

I told you I’m keeping you updated, so I’m keeping a dev log here on Patreon. Everything you need to know, so it sounds like I’m actually active at doing something and you can learn from my errors. Don’t want to decieve anyone who might want to throw money at me here.

First thing on my new plan is to post a trailer on YouTube, redirect people here and hope The Algorithm™ does its job somewhat soon.

Unfortunately, I work on Linux on a semi-ancient iMac (back when they were still somewhat good), the graphic card is crapping its life out and I don’t have money to buy a semi-decent computer that could run my software of choice, Adobe After Effects. And all the alternatives, either they can’t run on my weird setup or I don’t like them.

So, what else could I do? Might do it directly in Ren’Py while I’m at it, that would be pretty cool as an intro in the game itself. Now trying to figure out the Ren’Py language. Which sounds like someone abused and mangled the Python engine during its sleep. Pretty cool language, though.

So yeah, coding a semi-decent intro, finding free images that goes with it (the NASA will be useful here), abusing the heck out of Ren’Py, posting everything everywhere once done and throw a bit of climate change and everything in there in hopes someone gets interested. Can’t go wrong, right? Right.

Wish me luck.

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