My Arch Linux packages: how to create your own repo

As I use Arch Linux as my daily driver on my main machine now and I use a lot the AUR nowadays (most notably I maintain the packages for The 8-Bit Guy's Commander X16), figured I might create my own repository, right?

So there you go, after figuring it out on the Arch Wiki, here's a collection of software I maintain on the AUR, some of my own things I bothered to make a PKGBUILD for, or just software not found in other binary repos I know the users of my communities will like. So, as I write this, mostly Commander X16 stuff and TI-83 stuff.

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/os/$arch
Add this to your pacman.conf

Then, you can see every package I added with pacman -Sl juju.

But why? Here's the gory details. A friend of mine told me about this service called Netlify, which is pretty much for those who made their website with a site generator, it automatically builds the website each time you push it to Git. From what I understand, anyway. Kinda like GitHub, I guess. The free plan comes with custom domains, HTTPS, 300 build minutes a month, 100 GB of bandwidth and... no storage limit? Well, that'd probably make for a good use case for this project.

So I follow the instructions on the wiki, I throw in some index.html generated from stuff I stole from the x16-emulator package, I do a manual deploy and there you go!

repo-add archlinux/juju/os/x86_64/juju.db.tar.gz archlinux/juju/os/x86_64/some-package.pkg.tar.xz
pandoc --from gfm --to html -c github-pandoc.css --standalone --metadata pagetitle="" --output index.html
tree archlinux -P "*.pkg.tar.xz" -v -H "" > archlinux/index.html
netlify deploy --prod --dir=.
To do everytime I update something

Symlinks don't work for some reason, so you'd need to add a file called `_redirects`:

/archlinux/:repo/os/:arch/:repo.db /archlinux/:repo/os/:arch/:repo.db.tar.gz
/archlinux/:repo/os/:arch/:repo.files /archlinux/:repo/os/:arch/:repo.files.tar.gz
/* /404.html 404
Mind the very long lines

So there you go. It's very much in line with the principle that drives Arch Linux, the famous "keep it simple, stupid" (KISS), so that was pretty easy. So if you want a package I should add and/or build, feel free to suggest away :)

Check out the repo here!

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