about me

Just a random freelance programmer from Québec City, Canada. I write sometimes. It feels good.

None of my thoughts represent the opinion of my employers, clients, anyone I might know or even myself from next week. They often agree with me, but take nothing for granted.

my stuff

Zarmina – My sci-fi fiction stuff. MLP Québec – My other blog about fandoms. CodeWalrus – A nice community of programmers. We have walruses. calc.news – My Mastodon instance. julosoft – Games I did, back when I was trying.

me and my stuff, elsewhere

GitHub – Source code I wrote for random stuff. YouTube – Random videos I put together when I'm bored. YouTube – Animated stuff and other videos I actually give some of myself into. Vimeo – Short films I did at school. deviantArt – Things I draw and characters I design. SoundCloud – Some music I do when I'm bored. Patreon – Send me some money!

best ways to contact me

Discord: Yuki#2138 Twitter: @juju2143 Mastodon: @Juju@calc.news Email: juju at juju2143 dot ca