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Hey, been a while. 2021 was weird. Probably as much as 2020 was, and as much as 2022 probably will. I kind of took 2021 leisurely, mostly because of family illness, the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour*, my day job, and helping family and friends that all took most of my time. I hope it gets better in 2022, so I kinda want to set some goals for now on.

Introducing here, which will be my new brand for my current projects. Kind of like a game studio overseeing all of this. That includes Horse Life 98, upcoming Zarmina, and CodeWalrus (as a joint venture with DJ Omnimaga and other admins), along with a few secret projects I’ll be cooking up eventually until I realize it’s stupid. It’s going to be major projects I’ll be working on in 2022, hoping one day I can call at least one of them my day job. One can dream, I guess.

Now you may ask, why is it called that?

  1. In The 12 Tasks of Asterix (1976), the titular Asterix and his friend Obelix are tasked to fetch a permit A38 at the Place That Sends You Mad, which will literally send you mad going through all of the bureaucracy required to get that permit. Asterix eventually realizes it’s not going to work and, the wise guy he is, asks for a non-existent permit A39, which turns the whole place into an asylum until someone realizes they can just skip the whole bureaucracy altogether. It symbolizes perseverance and stuff, idk, look it sounds kinda cool isn’t it?

  2. It sounds like “thank you” in Japanese. Thanks, Miku.

  3. It’s short, memorable, and I’m still surprised I still can get domains this short for regular price.

So yeah. Have fun. It’s going to be my work in progress in 2022. I got 2 weeks of vacation, almost 3 with all the Xmas holidays, so I’m going to take this time to work on that and take care of myself. Hopefully.

Happy new year, y’all.

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