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Zarmina 3.0: rewrite (again)

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This article was originally published on Patreon, reposting it here for completeness.

This is a semi-Google Translation of the last post, for the English-speaking friends I might have here. I’m probably going to do this in both English and my native language that is French. Maybe also other languages too.

And that’s where I lost my motivation. Once again. I have not written anything since last winter, because, you see, I realized that it was not going anywhere in its current form. Blank page syndrome. Small panic. It’s not the vision of the project that I had. I can not do this alone, with no funding. And I put it on pause, I focused on something else, other projects, waiting for things to happen.

Fast forward to the end of September. Inktober was coming. I wasn’t too shabby at drawing. I went back to the idea and I thought, why not draw all my characters?

Unfortunately, no, it didn’t happen. I did not have the time, nor the motivation, for several reasons out of, but also in my control. It’s the 28th day and I made half of Miyuki’s drawing. Yeah, that was a nice Inktober this year. But, I planned my idea. How was I going to do it this time? It will take more planning than that. This time, I go all in and do the project that I have always dreamed of doing. Go get funding to do this full time and set up a studio worthy of the name. Engage employees who are better than me on some things. Create jobs. Maybe even get help from the government, if it’s possible. They like that, create jobs.

I have a vision, somewhat ambitious, certainly, but today is the day. Zarmina version 3.0: The Visual Novel. A 100% Quebec visual novel unlike anything else in Quebec, or anywhere else, probably. With art, music, programming, available on Steam and / or any other distribution platform. A masterpiece of fantasy and science fiction, nothing less. I’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, I’ve posted the rest of what I wrote to date for Zarmina 2.0: The Regular Novel, before scraping it. For free. Because it’s going to be bigger than just a novel with music on it.

There was a certain person who mentioned me the other time in a meetup in Old Quebec that she was eager to see more. This is for you. And for all those who have believed in me. Anyone who told me that my catgirl was cute when I posted my drawings on their Discord server. It’s for you, guys. Your encouragement is precious.

I need you. Give generously. Or at least give all your encouragement. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. And I will try to update you when I can. It’s going to be big. Hoping to finally see the end of this project. Who is with me?

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