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April Fools 2019

~3 minutes

As usual, I like to prank people with good, original jokes on April 1st across my properties. Not these overused jokes everyone hates (for instance the local furry group deleted pranks because they were getting too much instances of the same overused, boring joke), but rather original and fun jokes. Or I try to, anyway. I didn’t took much effort and time doing any of them this year as I didn’t had any good ideas in advance, and I didn’t had time to do an elaborate one, but here’s a rundown of my pranks of this year.


I took one of our nastiest and weirdest members we haven’t banned yet and I gave him the role of “President of CodeWalrus” on our Discord server (no additional permissions that what he already had, don’t worry) and told him he bought CodeWalrus while drunk. Kinda fun to see him getting confused by this. Could also had done a press release with that, but eh.


For context, only the first chapter was online by then, and I was distributing some business cards of it at Nadeshicon this weekend. So I thought I could release Chapter 2 and just end it there with a downer ending where everyone dies? Didn’t had a lot of feedback on it, though. I only released it in French for now but here’s the ending for posterity:

Soudain, le rubis s’illumine à une vitesse et une intensité folles, puis explose. Tous meurent sur le coup. Les corps ne sont retrouvés que quelques semaines plus tard et eurent droit à des funérailles de héros.

Le vaisseau du précédent chapitre a également explosé en entrant dans l’atmosphère de la planète et personne s’en est rendu compte, seulement une pluie de débris dans un désert dans la partie chaude de la planète. Après quelques semaines sans nouvelles des astronautes, la Terre assument leur mort et leur firent des funérailles nationales.

MLP Québec

Again for context, the site is pretty much dead and unmaintained, but I thought I could announce we discovered a portal to Equestria somewhere in my hometown of Québec City on the Twitter account. Kinda low quality, but the tweets got a bunch of retweets and likes, so thanks for that :)

Bonjour, nous avons trouvé un portail vers Equestria dans le fond de Loretteville

Nous envoyons des renforts — MLP Québec (@MLPQuebec) April 1, 2019

Click to see replies Well, that was it for this year, I thought of all of those the same day and I wasn’t really prepared for those, but eh, that was fun :)

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